Freight shipping is an incredibly tough nut to crack, but one that needs to be cracked all the same by businesses wishing to consistently fulfil their customers’ needs.

If you’re having trouble mastering the logistical side of your business, then there’s no need to panic, Green Leaves Logistics are here to offer you a tailor-made solution.

We know that roadfreight can get complicated quickly, especially once you start to take a deeper look at the many European import/export regulations.

Keeping a close eye on each little detail, like driver shortages, road blockages, and toll charges, can be extremely time-consuming, and for the busiest individuals among you, doing this alone isn’t always feasible.

Avoiding the many roadfreight pitfalls in order to ensure a smooth and efficient service from end to end is a practice we specialise in, so no matter what your overland consignments consist of, we can work out a system that you can depend on.

Track & Trace for Roadfreight with My GL.

Our tracking tech is extremely accurate, making it the perfect companion to roadfreight, as we can use it to measure a range of data, such as optimal freight routes, in order to plan out the best course of action for your cargo.

Whether you want to deliver FTLs, (full trailer loads) LTLs, (less than trailer loads, e.g., groupage and cartons), or you have a list of requirements that vary in form and function, we can move it for you.

Our large network of steadfast carriers can help you fulfil your delivery orders both internationally and domestically, and our My GL portal can grant you full shipment visibility along every inch of the journey.

We believe that you, as the customer, should always come first, which is why we place our clients at the very heart of all our shipping solutions.

No matter the complexity of your roadfreight needs, we’ll work with you closely to ensure they’re met consistently.

Carbon Neutral Overland Transportation

It’s no secret that freighting of any kind can take its toll on the natural environment, and with a staunch belief in sustainability, we’ve put solid measures in place to reduce any impact made.

By using our precision tracking technology, we can closely track the CO2 emissions from roadfreight shipments, enabling us to offset them appropriately.

This can help you smash your environmental targets and let your mind rest at ease. We know there’s lots to worry about when you’re running a business, so why not let us take some of that worry off your plate?

Sometimes, successful logistical management is all about using the right tools, which is why we’ve developed my GL to specifically make this part of your business easier to operate.

By utilising my GL, you never have to worry about misplacing shipping documents ever again, as you can store them all neatly in a singular, easy-to-use online location.

Roadfreight can be susceptible to disruption if you’re not careful about which carriers you use or which management service you rely on. This is an element of shipping we understand very well at Green Leaves Logistics, and it’s why our experts implement the best tools and techniques to continuously ensure your cargo is unaffected.

If you’ve got any questions at all about our roadfreight services, or you need us to tailor a strategy for your particular shipping requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to help.

When you have a consignment to move overland, we can offer full and part load roadfreight solutions to deliver on time. 

  • International and Domestic

  • Full trailer load (FTL)

  • Part trailer load (LTL)

  • Customs clearance at origin and destination

  • Export packing

  • Live Track & Trace visibility 

  • Online management with myGL

  • Blockchain Document Transfer

  • Co2 emission monitor and removal 


Let us help you

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