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Domestic and European  

With our large network of reliable carriers, we can help you fulfil your delivery orders domestically and across Europe, and our My GL portal can grant you full shipment visibility along the way.

Whether you require a FTL (Full Trailer Load), LTL (Less than Trailer Load)/Groupage roadfreight service or you have a list of requirements that vary, we can move it for you.

Green Leaves Logistics are here to offer you a tailor-made solution.

No matter the complexity of your roadfreight needs, we’ll work with you closely to ensure they’re met consistently.

We know that roadfreight can get complicated quickly, especially once you start to take a deeper look at the many European import/export regulations.

Keeping a close eye on each little detail, like driver shortages, road blockages, and toll charges, can be extremely time-consuming, and for the busiest individuals among you, doing this alone isn’t always feasible.

Avoiding the many roadfreight pitfalls in order to ensure a smooth and efficient service from end to end is a practice we specialise in, so no matter what your overland consignments consist of, we can work out a system that you can depend on.


Our roadfreight service options include:

  • Domestic

  • International

  • Full trailer load (FTL)

  • LTL (Less than Truck Load): Part load / Groupage

  • Customs clearance at origin and destination

  • Export packing

  • Track & Trace with My GL

  • CO2 emission monitoring and removal 

Full Trailer Load (FTL)

FTL, an acronym for Full Trailer Load, is a cost-effective roadfreight shipping option if you have enough cargo to fill the entire trailer.

With a FTL/Full Trailer Load, you have control over how to load and pack your trailer.

FTL/Full Trailer Load reduces the risk of your goods being lost or damaged and offers quicker transit times because, unlike with LTL (Less than Trailer Load) services, the trailer is dedicated to you and not shared with the shipments of other exporters/importers.

Our most common trailer types are curtain side and mega trailers.

Less than Trailer Load (LTL)

LTL, an acronym for Less than Trailer Load, is a great option for those that need to complete relatively small roadfreight shipments. Unlike FTL (Full Trailer Load) shipments, the LTL alternative (including part-load and groupage service) doesn’t require the trailer’s full capacity to be used.

LTL roadfreight services allow multiple parties to make use of the trailer and share the space and costs between them.


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