Rail freight is an excellent alternative to ocean freight transportation and an excellent method for shipping large volumes.

Rail freight is especially useful for companies with many heavy goods to transport.

Shipping goods via rail freight is becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe and China, so there are plenty of services through these areas, ensuring a smooth and speedy delivery.

Rail Freight: The Benefits

Faster than ocean freight, more reliable than road freight and cheaper than air freight, rail freight transportation means your cargo can reach its destination quickly and cost-effectively.

Rail freight transportation also benefits companies looking to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

More and more companies are expected to reach net zero and choosing rail freight can help with that. Rail freight is an eco-friendly method of transporting goods from one location to the next.

Track Rail Shipments with myGL

The myGL customer portal allows customers to track rail freight shipments at all hours of the day, access necessary documents, monitor CO2 emissions, and access carbon credit certifications.

It is a portal that puts you – the customer – in control of your rail freight shipment.

Go Green with Rail Freight

At Green Leaves Logistics, we believe in doing some good with every shipment we handle.

For every rail freight shipment handled, Green Leaves Logistics removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than is emitted.

If you are a company that wants to lower its negative impact on the environment, Green Leaves Logistics will help you do that – and then some.

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