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Sustainability Policy

We are passionate about finding ways to reduce the negative impact on our environment and are committed to doing better wherever we can, both inside and outside work.

This policy applies to all Green Leaves Logistics employees and third parties who undertake activity on our behalf.

It applies to the goods and services we procure, our direct operations and the services we provide to our customers.

All employees and third parties are responsible for following this policy.

It is our policy to:

Make our exporters and importers aware of their Co2 footprint

We include the estimated Co2 footprint in our customer booking confirmations and myGL customer portal, where further Co2 reporting capability exists. Our Co2 calculator is also available online and free to use.

Put sustainability before profit

We remove more Co2 from the atmosphere than each shipment we handle emits.

It’s not an optional extra, it’s just what we do.

We consider sustainability in all decisions we make as a business.

Keep a climate positive workforce

Though we are successfully reducing our negative impact on our environment, we are still aware of it. We calculate the carbon footprint of our workforce and take action to remove more Co2 from the atmosphere than is created by our work each month.

Limit the use of paper

We send and receive files digitally.

This includes sales invoices, quotations, booking confirmations, bills of lading, waybills, air waybills.

We avoid paper by:

Sending documents by e-mail as PDF files.

Allowing the upload and download of documents online in our myGL customer portal

Allowing for the secure transfer of eBLs and other documents, using our eBL solution.

Requesting only digital documents from all providers or access to online service areas.

Recycle equipment that is no longer of use to us

When securely erased of data and made safe, desktop computers, laptops, printers, mobile phones are given to causes in support of, but not limited to, the environment, wildlife protection, mental health and wellness, shelters and homeless services, LGBTQ support, education and crisis services.

Keep our energy and water usage low

In our working spaces, we use low energy light bulbs, smart energy monitors for electric and water as well as ensure that computers and other electronic devices are properly shut down after work.

Our My GL customer portal is hosted on servers run by 100% renewable energy.

We also seek to purchase electricity from renewable energy sources.

Avoid unnecessary travel

We make video and audio conferencing our preferred methods for meeting with each other, customers and our partners. We support hybrid working and provide the necessary tools and support for work to done at home also. Where travel is necessary, we use public transport wherever possible.

Use our time

We volunteer our time in support of causes and organisations that help benefit our environment.

Keep looking for ways to reduce our negative impact

We are open minded and actively encourage ideas and feedback from everyone. We regularly review and report on our sustainability performance to help us continually improve.

Make our Sustainability Policy known

We communicate the importance of supporting our commitments to all employees and keep our Sustainability Policy visible within our online work areas. We email a copy of the policy document to each customer when opening an account. A link to the policy is also included in the footer of all our email communications.

We annually review this policy as part of our business planning processes which involve our owners and directors, senior leadership and management teams.