Monitoring progress:  

Monitoring progress:  

carbon management

We remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than your shipment emits and with no additional service fees.

It’s not an optional extra.
It’s just what we do!

Your company wants to lower its negative impact on the environment. 

Your company actually wants to do some good with each shipment you send. 

We know that busy companies like yours want a hassle-free yet effective way to have green logistics at the heart of your operations.

Our Carbon Management Solution will make it easy for you do that – and then some. We remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than your shipment emits and with no additional service fees.

We do this by measuring the carbon footprint of your shipment and by supporting renewable energy projects across the globe, including producing energy from waste rice husks and supporting solar and wind generation.

Inform. Act. Report.

We share the data.

Know the estimated CO2 emissions of your shipment and correlate it to the climate positive action we will take.

We take action.

Get on with running your business. We collaborate with global sustainability projects to offset your carbon emissions.

You see the results.

View your dashboard and run on-demand CO2 emissions reports and action statements in My GL.

When you work with us, you are part of making the difference.

For more information or to arrange a demo, get in touch with us today.

Formulas and assumptions used for the calculation of Estimation of CO2e emissions are based on the framework of accredited sources such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. (Scope 3, Cat 9 & 4). Distances may differ as many factors can change the direction of travel. Weather, atmospheric conditions, equipment age and other factors can affect getting an accurate calculation. Freight is based on averages using 2020 GHG Protocol and Methodology.

For businesses that rely on international transport, for the export and import of goods, we now provide a simple but powerful way for them to do something positive for nature with each shipment. The benefits go far beyond the delivery of the individual projects, as the programme provides thousands of employment opportunities for local communities, upskilling of labour, and contributes to important socio-economic growth.

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