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Case Study

From Routes to Roots:

Planting the Future with Insituform and Green Leaves Logistics

Green Leaves Logistics, in collaboration with its client Insituform, has set a benchmark in integrating advanced logistics solutions with robust environmental leadership. Over the past year, their partnership has not only addressed day-to-day global logistics requirements, with some interesting challenges, but also made substantial contributions to environmental sustainability.

Project Scopes:

Throughout our ongoing partnership with Insituform, we have managed a diverse range of logistics services encompassing air, road, and ocean freight.

  • We’ve undertaken Road Freight shipments into Europe, which included handling all local customs clearance processes. Challenges such as finding last-minute temporary storage solutions when the delivery sites were unable to receive goods have also been successfully navigated.
  • We facilitated Airfreight transport of outsized consignments to Asia and coordinated comprehensive shipment logistics to Insituform’s facilities in North America. This often involved managing customs clearance and arranging delivery directly to door.
  • And we have executed Seafreight projects right around the globe. These operations have included sourcing specialist equipment to facilitate container deliveries directly to the ground, especially useful when the importer’s site lacked a loading bay. Additionally, we have managed imports from North America, ensuring smooth coordination of door-to-door transportation and customs documentation.

For each consignment, we combine our expert logistical support with unparalleled customer service standards.

Environmental Contributions:

Insituform’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified by its active participation and support for Green Leaves Logistics’ environmental programs. These programs focus on addressing any unavoidable carbon emissions associated with international transport, through two main areas: carbon avoidance projects and tree planting initiatives, which are central to reducing the environmental impact of their logistical operations.

“We’re always researching lower-impact manufacturing techniques and deploying them where possible, and our partnership with Green Leaves has ensured that this ethos continues when it comes to transporting our products to our customers, by removing more CO2 than each shipment emits. We look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership with Green Leaves for years to come, and seeing how they continue to develop and innovate their practices for maximum effect.”

Mark Bates, Managing Director of Insituform

Carbon Avoidance Projects

Last reporting year, Insituform avoided 123,000kg of CO2E.

  • 5 MW Wind Power Project in India:
    • This project generates electricity using wind energy, thereby reducing dependence on fossil fuels.
    • It contributes to local community development and promotes sustainable energy solutions, reflecting Insituform’s commitment to supporting renewable energy projects.
  • CUIDEMOS Project in Mexico:
    • Aimed at promoting intelligent use of energy and expanding renewable energy adoption.
    • This project helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions across various sectors, aligning with Insituform’s vision for a sustainable industrial future.


These projects have not only offset the carbon footprint caused by logistical operations but have also aligned with global efforts to combat the climate crisis.

Tree Planting Initiatives

Green Leaves Logistics and Insituform have contributed to extensive tree planting efforts, which play a vital role in carbon sequestration and ecological restoration. Last year, Insituform funded the planting of 2,075 trees.

Which trees were planted by region:

    1. Ethiopia: 875 trees
    • Albizia gummifera: 100 trees
    • Coffee arabica: 675 trees
    • Ficus vasta: 100 trees
    1. Kenya: 650 trees
    • Avicennia marina: 100 trees
    • Croton megalocarpus: 100 trees
    • Ficus thonningii: 100 trees
    • Papaya: 100 trees
    • Rhizophora mucronata: 75 trees
    • Sesbania sesbans: 175 trees
      1. Madagascar: 250 trees
      • Bruguiera gymnoohiza: 150 trees
      • Rhizophora mucronata: 100 trees
      1. Tanzania: 200 trees
      • Cajanus cajan (pigeon pea): 100 trees
      • Leucaena leucocephala: 100 trees
      1. Uganda: 100 trees
      • Moringa olifera: 100 trees


        These initiatives not only help mitigate climate change by absorbing CO2 but also promote biodiversity and provide sustainable development opportunities for local communities.

        Insituform also benefits from My GL, our online portal, which provides rapid access to crucial milestones for each shipment, along with all relevant documentation, ensuring transparency and efficiency in our logistics management.

        The partnership between Green Leaves Logistics and Insituform is a prime example of how businesses can effectively combine logistics management with a strong commitment to sustainability. Through strategic carbon avoidance and reforestation initiatives, their joint efforts showcase both companies’  dedication to sustainable practices, setting a standard for environmental responsibility in the logistics industry.

        “I am immensely proud to reflect on the remarkable journey of our partnership with Insituform over the past few years. Not only have we experienced significant growth and success in seamlessly exporting and importing Insituform products around the globe, but our shared commitment to safeguarding our planet continues to flourish. I am excited to witness the ongoing growth of our partnership and the ever-widening scope of our collective positive impact in the years ahead.”

        Marvin Elson, co-founder of Green Leaves Logistics