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Meet the founders

  • Marvin-Elson-founder-Green-Leaves-Logistics

    Marvin Elson

    Managing Partner

    Marvin Elson is the visionary co-Founder and managing Partner at Green Leaves Logistics.

    He has devoted his career of over 25 years, to mastering the intricacies of the logistics industry and combining expert shipping knowledge with solutions to counter the environmental impact those shipments have. 

    With this strong focus on sustainability and innovation, Marvin is shaping the company’s mission to transform the logistics industry by offering eco-friendly and efficient supply chain solutions.

  • Karen-French-Founder-Green-Leaves-logistics

    Karen French

    Operations Director

    Karen French co-founded Green Leaves Logistics with two strong beliefs: Customers shouldn’t do the heavy lifting and shipping solutions shouldn’t come at the expense of our environment.

    These fundamental principles drive Karen’s leadership of the business in her role as Operations Director. She brings a wealth of experience in logistics across varied sectors including retail, automotive and project cargo and shines in leading the operations team, offering clients sustainability-focused and efficient logistics solutions that make a real difference in the industry.

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