What is Airfreight Gateway?

Shipping goods internationally via airfreight is not something that can be taken lightly. There are various aspects you have to consider, from the speed of shipping for your air cargo to environmental impact. During your research, you may also have come across mentions of an airfreight gateway.

There’s just one question: what exactly is an airfreight gateway?

What is a gateway in shipping?

First of all, let’s explain what a gateway is and how it functions in the shipping industry. In simple terms, the gateway acts as an interchangeable point, a stop-off for in-transit cargo where it changes hands between transport providers. For instance, a shipping company might transport your freight from the UK to Hong Kong. Once it has arrived in Hong Kong, a local delivery service will take over the task and fulfil the order, ensuring it reaches its final delivery destination.

Of course, a shipping gateway isn’t simply a handover point for cargo. The gateway is also where your goods go through customs clearance. This is where having the correct paperwork and resources is essential – otherwise, your items can end up in limbo, delaying delivery times and harming your customer service rating.

Picking the right logistics company is vital

You have identified that airfreight is the right solution for your shipping requirements. With that said, it’s not simply a case of choosing any old logistics company to take care of this element. You have to pick one that has the right infrastructure in place, which means they have the right gateways to complete shipments fast and efficiently.

When it comes to international air shipments, a lot of moving parts are required. Reliable carriers are needed for each stage of the journey. Tracking technology is necessary to keep track of shipments. As part of the logistical jigsaw that is global air deliveries, the most suitable air freight gateways also have to be selected for each shipment.

As mentioned, the right gateways help with keeping your shipments running smoothly. Due to this, plotting the correct path through these gateways assists with keeping deliveries cost-efficient while supplying the best possible service for your customers. A quality logistics company will have the knowledge and contacts to know which gateways are best for each specific delivery.

Go worldwide with Green Leaves Logistics

Having the correct airfreight gateways is vital; make no mistake. Yet this is only one piece of a complex puzzle. International shipments are difficult with many points to contemplate. The good news is that, as an air freight industry leader with over 40 years of logistical experience, Green Leaves Logistics has all bases covered.

With our expertise, skills, and connections, we make sure your shipments get from A to B in the most efficient, affordable way possible. As well as having the best gateways lined up for deliveries across the world, we can assist with supply chain management, live tracking, freight consolidation, completing all customs checks, and so much more. We also do all this while minimising carbon emissions to help the environment.

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