LCL Shipments

LCL, an acronym for Less than Container Load, is a great option for those that need to complete relatively small freight shipments. Unlike FCL (Full Container Load) shipments, the LCL alternative doesn’t require the container’s full capacity to be used. Instead, multiple parties make use of the container and share the space between them.

Also known as consolidated or groupage shipments, our LCL shipments are completed in the following container types:

  • 20-foot container
  • 40-foot container
  • 40-foot high cube container

By using this variety of containers and combining it with the flexibility of LCL, there’s no limit to the type of shipments we can supply for customers.

The Advantages of LCL

As mentioned already, LCL shipments are particularly beneficial due to their flexible nature. You can use LCL for everything from a large quantity of goods that fill up three-quarters of a container to a small parcel. Instead of waiting around until you have enough goods ready to fill an entire container, you can get them on their way straight away – no delays necessary.

As the container is split between shippers and/or orders, another advantage is its cost-effectiveness. You’re not paying for an entire container, just the space necessary for your cargo.

One possible issue with LCL is the potential for delays. After all, the container features multiple types of cargo from multiple different parties. However, we strive to minimise any delays as much as possible. With our many years of experience, we ensure there are no concerns with customs clearance and documentation, and it’s our mission to make the entire journey – from packing the container, the freight transit, and getting your goods to your end destination – a seamless one.

MyGL for transparent LCL transport

When in transit, you want to know exactly where your cargo is at all times. That’s where our myGL system moves to the forefront. This state-of-the-art technology provides our customers with live track and trace visibility that boasts unparalleled accuracy. As a result, you are able to check the status of your container whenever and wherever.

We are fully aware of how a delay, no matter how minor, has the ability to disrupt your plans and hamper your reputation. That’s why we go to the next level to ensure your cargo arrives on time. Alongside our innovative myGL tracking technology, our knowledge and expertise means we continually analyse current data, plan out optimal routes and transport solutions, and react to any possible changes during transit to get your goods delivered when you expect them to be delivered.

Sustainability with LCL

Sustainability and going green is a big part of what we do – after all, we are called Green Leaves Logistics!

With our myGL technology, we don’t only track where your shipping container is, we also track CO2 emissions. By doing the maths and knowing exactly how much CO2 is emitted during the transportation journey, we can then take the necessary steps to offset this CO2 to provide our customers with carbon-neutral shipping.

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