FCL Shipments

FCL, aka Full Container Load, is a freight shipment option that is popular with those sending a large quantity of goods. As the name suggests, FCL shipments are great for exporters that have enough cargo to fill an entire container. Along with having enough adequate space for their goods, it also means they don’t need to share the container with other shippers.

At Green Leaves Logistics, we provide the following container sizes:

  • 20-foot container
  • 40-foot container
  • 40-foot high cube container
  • 45-foot high cube container

We also provide the following container types:

  • General purpose container
  • Reefer container
  • Open Top container
  • Flat Rack container

With a range of sizes and functions covered, we are able to handle a wide assortment of goods and shipment types.

The Advantages of FCL

With FCL, you have the option of additional control in terms of instructing us how to load and pack your container. Alternatively, you could even decide to load this cargo on your own. The container is then transported to the port, loaded onto the ship, and it’s ready for its journey overseas.

Once it has arrived at the destination, we take care of all the documentation and customs clearance. Your goods will then be unloaded from the ship and delivered to your consignee. As intermodal transportation is typically used for FCL, we also arrange other modes of transport – whether that’s trucks or even aircraft – to get your cargo to its end destination.

By keeping everything together in one container, FCL reduces the risk of your goods being lost or damaged. Furthermore, it provides quicker transit times due to having complete control over shipping lines and being able to follow the entire shipment from door to port and port to door.

FCL Shipments with My GL

Your FCL shipment is made easy with My GL, our innovative online tracking system. This delivers complete transparency for your shipment during every step of the journey. Its unparalleled accuracy also means you see exactly where your container is located at any time – even when it’s in the middle of the ocean.

Nothing is hidden out of view including the Container Utlisation based on target fill rates. When this technology is combined with our decades of experience, we take every step necessary to get your shipment delivered on time. We know the best routes, the best logistic options, and the best way to manage your cargo, and this all ensures your FCL shipment is a successful one.

FCL and Sustainability

It’s true: transporting goods via shipping has less environmental impact than the equivalent trip by air or road. However, that doesn’t mean we take it easy when it comes to achieving our sustainability initiatives. 

As with other delivery services we provide, we pay close attention to CO2 emissions. That’s why they are tracked through our My GL system (it’s a multi-faceted tool!). By gaining an accurate picture of the emissions being generated by our ships, we then possess the necessary knowledge to offset them – something which we do by partnering with climate-positive specialists Ecologi.

The benefits of our push for 100% sustainability extends to your business. We help you to achieve your green goals, all without you having to lift a finger once you have enlisted our services!

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