FTL, an acronym for Full Trailer Load, is an excellent shipping option if you need to move a large quantity of goods across the country and Europe. If you are familiar with FCL (Full Container Load) shipping, you will understand the general principles of FTL. Yet instead of a shipping container, the task is completed by a semi-truck carrier.  

This truck typically takes the form of a 40-foot trailer. This means there’s ample space to work with, ensuring you can transport extensive cargo all in one go. Don’t have enough goods to occupy the entire space of the semi-truck? You can still enjoy the numerous benefits available even without full trailer loads – particularly when you use Green Leaves Logistics as your FTL shipments specialist.

The Benefits of FTL

It goes without saying but one of the biggest advantages of FTL is the ability to carry a huge amount of cargo. 

Another benefit of going the FTL route is that your goods are all kept in the same truck. The result: there’s less chance your cargo will suffer damage or become lost. In addition, as all of your goods remain in one place, this helps you to maximise shipping times. You’re not having to worry about multiple deliveries being made.

By working with us, we also take care of various points that would otherwise be problematic. Forget about handling confusing documentation or going through the arduous process of customs clearance. We do all of this at both the origin and destination of your FTL shipment, ensuring you have a stress-free experience.

FTL + myGL = A Match Made in Heaven

With the advanced myGL system, we are able to take our FTL shipments to the next level. This innovative technology, built in-house, is able to track all deliveries with precision in real-time. Want to check to see if your truck is still on schedule? Simply use the myGL portal to see exactly where your truck is, no matter the time or situation.

Transparency is an integral part of what we do, and we never hide any information that pertains to your FTL shipments. If a delay does happen for whatever reason, this won’t be disguised from you.

Of course, we take every step to minimise any delays. When we combine our expertise, myGL technology, and ability to work on the fly, we are able to react and optimise when necessary.

Green FTL Deliveries

The environment feels it whenever a truck makes a delivery. We know. We also know we have a responsibility to be sustainable. This is why we always offset whatever CO2 emissions are emitted from our trucks.

We accurately monitor and keep track of CO2 emissions with our myGL system. Then by teaming with Ecologi, we are able to offset these emissions to achieve one of our primary objectives: carbon-neutral shipping.

The push for climate positivity helps the environment, us, and our customers who also have their own green goals.

“Many of our best opportunities were created out of necessity.“

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart
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  • Co2 emission monitor and removal 

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