Frequently Asked Questions

Moving your products around the world can be a daunting task and very complex. Using a Freight Forwarder such as ourselves we can take the load off your shoulders. We’ve created a quick FAQ section to help answer some of the questions to help you provide us with the right information to move your freight.

Q:  How do I know what method of shipment is best for me?

The best method of transport is dependent upon the time frames and locations involved.  If you have a small shipment that is urgently required, airfreight would be the best method.  If your goods have a longer lead time, moving by seafreight would be more cost-effective. In all cases, we will take the time to understand your needs and tailor the solution accordingly.

Q: What is the difference between FCL & LCL?

FCL (Full Container Load) means that you have full use of the container from start to finish, goods are loaded into the container which is then sealed and not opened again until it reaches its final destination.   

LCL (Less than container Load) means that your goods share space in a container with other goods going to the same destination.  Goods would be collected and loaded into the container at a consolidation centre.  Once the container arrives at the destination port, it is taken to a warehouse for the goods to be cleared and unloaded ready for onward delivery.  This is cost-effective for smaller consignments but can take longer due to the additional handling at both ports.

Q. What information do I need to provide to get a quote from you?

In the first instance, we will need to know the origin and destination of your shipment, along with the size of the shipment (Number of Pieces, Weight and Dimensions). We will also need to know what the goods are and consider whether they are hazardous for transport.  You can request a quote using our online tool, or just give us a call!

Q: Do I need to be registered to Import or Export?

Yes! All businesses Importing or Exporting need an EORI number.  We can talk you through the application process with HMRC.  It needs to be in place before shipment as it is part of the customs process.

Q. Can you arrange shipments to & from countries outside of the UK?

Yes! We have a network of partners globally and are well placed to manage shipments that don’t physically move through the UK.

Q. What Documentation will I need?

For International shipments, a Commercial Invoice & Packing List for the goods will be required. When dealing with some countries, you may also need additional documents such as a Certificate of Origin.   We will be able to assist with identifying these documents and arranging them for you.

Q. How long does it take for goods to clear through customs?

Customs processes when importing into the UK are more complex than exports in most cases.  The timeframe for clearance cannot be guaranteed due to the number of agencies involved, but at Green Leaves Logistics we will work with you to have everything in place prior to shipment arrival and proactively manage your shipment to minimise delivery lead times.

Q.  How much Duty & VAT will I have to pay?

The duty rating is dependent upon the Tariff Code applied to the consignment.  We can assist with tariff code classification and provide an estimate of the Duty & VAT applicable.  The Duty is calculated on the value of goods and the transport charges.  VAT  (20%) is charged on the value of the goods, transport charges and the Duty.

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