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Container Love


Mukwashi Trust School


Lusaka, Zambia
As a global logistics partner, we clearly use containers day in, day out. Usually, the emphasis is on ‘what’s going to be transported, which size is right for our clients, how can we minimise storage / associated fees, what’s the best route of transport to be efficient…’ But it turns out, there is more to a container than you may expect!
When we were approached to see if we could help securing a decommissioned shipping container for a school in Lusaka, Zambia, it was a no-brainer… Their plans to transform it into a business lab where secondary learners can put their business skills into practice resonated with our team and we are so pleased to now see it in action!
“Second-hand shipping containers offer both security and durability, but they are like gold-dust in landlocked countries. We’ve been looking for one for years; and last December, Marvin, one of supporters in the UK, finally located one on a hillside in Zimbabwe and his logistics company transported it to Mukwashi.”
Mukwashi Trust School
shipping container delivered to Mukwashi
The business lab is open

Progress in progress

Since then, staff and learners have been sanding, rust-proofing, painting and converting it into a small ‘community shop’. It will be run and managed by secondary learners as part of their business studies, commerce & accounts lessons. It’s a chance for them to experiment, make mistakes and gain ‘hands-on’ skills and experience in developing a small business.

Read more about the school’s achievements in their recent annual report, which also details our involvement.

“I believe all children should be taught the importance of money management and given the earliest opportunity to gain valuable business skills and practical experience in a fun and creative environment. The Mukwashi School Business Lab, now makes this possible for its learners. It was our privilege to support the dedicated staff behind the project and we are excited to follow the progress of the business lab, as it nurtures and develops our sustainable business leaders of the future.”
Marvin Elson